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Construction Methods And Terminology

With multiple construction methods available for all aspects of cabinetry choosing the method that is right for your style and budget can be overwhelming.  Below we have broken down some of the most common methods.

$$$$$ Represents the cost factor, 5 signs being on the upper end of the pricing scale.  Pricing merely reflects the base price cabinetry.

Face Frame Construction

Overlay $$$

Face frame overlay style cabinets are by far the most traditional of cabinetry to be found, therefore they are commonly referred to as "traditional" cabinetry.  The solid wood frame that covers the face of the interior casework adds strength and beauty.  This style of cabinetry is very well suited for freestanding pieces

 Face Frame Overlay


Flush Inset $$$$

Similar to face frame overlay cabinetry these cabinets have doors that are set inside the frame.  This style is very popular with Shaker style cabinetry

Face Frame Flush Inset


Beaded Inset $$$$$

Beaded inset is similar to flush inset with one exception, the face frame has a small bead detail run around the inside of the frame

 Face Frame Beaded Inset


Frameless Construction

European $$

A.K.A. Frameless, Contemporary, or Box Construction this is the most modern approach to cabinet manufacturing.  This style has no face frame and the doors will cover the cabinet case 100%.  The overall look of the cabinets can be simple with clean sleek lines, to very extravagant with the addition of planted on moldings



Cope And Sick $$

Mitered $$$

Recess panel door using a solid wood frame and 1/4 plywood or MDF panel

Recess panel door using a solid wood frame and 1/2 solid wood or MDF panel

Recessed panel door with applied molding

Raised panel door using a solid wood frame and solid wood or MDF panel


Drawers Construction

Dowel $$

Metal Boxes (epoxy finish) $$$

Dovetail $$$$

Metal Boxes (stainless finish) $$$$$

Frameless Quartered Cherry